Look at the Great things at Alburnett......

10/24/2010 Submitted by: Mr. Kuhlers
"Computer classes had the opportunity to tear computers apart ." Mr. Kuhlers seventh and eighth grade computer classes had... read more
10/12/2010 Submitted
"Alburnett HS Students Examine Hospital Careers" Three Alburnett High School students spent part of their day on October 5, 2010, learning first-hand about careers in a hospital... read more
Submitted by: Mr. Kuhlers
"Alburnett Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)" had a great trip to Nashville, TN this summer to compete at the National Leadership Conference on July 14-17th.  The Alburnett students competed ... read more
7/31/2010 Submitted by: Mr. Kuhlers and Mrs. Wander
"Alburnett summer enrichmentin math/science/technology " Friday, July 30th.  We had 16 students going in to 6, 7 & 8th grades do projects to learn about computer gaming using GameMaker, learn about Google Sketchup, Solar energy, circuits, and the students built ... read more
7/19/2010 Submitted by: Mr. Kuhlers
"The National Leadership Conference held in Nashville, Tennessee " Wednesday 57 students (all 16 of Alburnett students) from all across Iowa, spent 2 hours helping pick up and cleaning at the farm in Nashville from the May floods  ... read more
7/12/2010 Submitted by: Mr. Pickar
"Feed the Children " On Saturday, May 8th the Alburnett FFA Chapter assisted the Western Fraternal Live Assoc. and  Lodge Klas #160 from Center Point in filling food bags for the  ... read more
7/12/2010 Submitted by: Mr. Pickar
"Alburnett FFA Conservation - Hunter Education Course"Over the fall, Ag. Teacher, Mr. Pickar got his certificate allowing him to teach Hunter Education in his Ag. Classes. Over the course of about 2 weeks, 18 students in Ag. Classes attended the ... read more
7/12/2010 Submitted by: Mr. Pickar
"Alburnett FFA Banquet" On Sunday, April 18th, The Alburnett FFA Chapter held their annual FFA Banquet in the High School Gym at the Alburnett School. The banquet began at 5 P.M., starting with a delicious pot luck meal where Freshman were ... read more

Submitted by: Mr. Kuhlers

On Tuesday May 4th, the Alburnett FBLA Chapter elected their 2010-2011 officers. The new officers are . ... Read More

Submitted by: Ms. Maakestad

"Prom 2010" was a great success this year due to a hard-working prom committee and the great group of students that made the dance itself a lot of fun. Thanks to everyone for their hard work and the support that went into this year’s prom. ... View pics

Submitted by: Mr. Kuhlers

"Alburnett Future Business Leaders of America" placed first in the state at the State Leadership Conference on April 8-10.  There are approximately 70 competitive events that range from 100 question objective tests to presentations to ... read more

Submitted by: Mr. Kuhlers

Tax Time

Alburnett Accounting students are currently studying payroll taxes. The students brought in their W-2 forms from their part-time jobs and as a class, in groups, the students filed their returns. The class used www.taxact.com, which is a free website for your federal and state returns, but the state return costs $14.95 to file using this website.  This was a great activity for our students to understand how the money withheld from their checks is used.  Two students were able to complete their federal return and file it.  This activity took approximately 3 class periods to complete.


Submitted by: Mr. Kuhlers

"Alburnett Future Business Leaders of America" competed this past weekend at the State Leadership Conference in downtown Cedar Rapids on April 8-10. Next week we will ... read more
3/18/2010 Submitted by: Mr. Pickar
"Agronomy students" Agronomy students are currently refurbishing the schools pull behind sprayer.   After finishing up chapters in ... read more
3/01/2010 Submitted by: Ms. Raudabaugh
"Speech Team" Congratulations to the Individual Events Speech Team for their performance at District Contest on Saturday.  Those receiving one ratings will be going to State competition at ... read more
2/19/2010 Submitted by: Mr. Kuhlers
"Law and Justice" A local Alburnett teacher LaRae Arment was recently called up to be part of a jury for a drunk driving case.  “It was an ... read more
2/19/2010 Submitted by: Mr. Kuhlers
Yesterday, Mr. Kelly Baier from Bradley & Riley made a visit to Alburnett to discuss the legal system with ... read more
2/05/2010 Submitted by: Kim Maakestad
"Prom 2010 committee" Thank you to the Prom 2010 committee for all its work this year. The bake sales have been a great success thanks to... read more
2/02/2010 Submitted by: Linda Barschow
"The Alburnett Community Foundation Pillars Scholarship applications are available from Mrs. Barschow's office.  The deadline is April 9.  On Sat. Feb. 20 at Kirkwood in Cedar Hall 3055 there will be free assistance with the FAFSA forms from 9 am to 3 pm provided by the ICAN College Planning Center.  If you have any questions call toll free 877-272-4792.
12/23/2009 Submitted by: Kyle Kuhlers
"First place in the online Stock Market Game " Mitch Harger and Alex Stepanek got first place in the online Stock Market Game competition in Mr. Kuhlers Introduction to Business class.  The class used the first ... read more
12/23/2009 Submitted by: Kyle Kuhlers
"Santa & two Alburnett Future Business Leaders " On Sunday, December 20th Santa & two Alburnett Future Business Leaders of America students, Kayla Hanson and Kelsey Saddoris braved the weather to deliver 22 gifts to the ... read more
12/07/2009 Submitted by: Dan Pickar
"Shoulder Pad Rack construction" Mr. Pickar’s Ag. 4 Class was asked to construct racks to place football shoulder pads onto for storage when the shoulder pads are not in use.  Coach Evers gave the class ... read more
12/02/2009 Submitted by: Amy Adams
"Flowers for Algernon" Students in the Contemporary Novels class are currently reading the novel Flowers for Algernon.  The book is about a... read more
12/01/2009 Submitted by: Amy Adams
"Thanking soldiers" During the month of November, students in English 9 classes read short stories and articles about the effects of war on soldiers and their families... read more
11/24/2009 Submitted by: Dennis King
"Tech. III stool service project" At the beginning of the school year Mr. Kings' Tech. III class took on a service project for the AHS teachers... read more
11/23/2009 Submitted by: Kyle Kuhlers
"Entrepreneurship and Business plans" The Introduction to Business Class was fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from Mr. Stephen Timm on Tuesday November 17. Mr. Timm is a vice president and general manager for the...... read more
11/18/2009 Submitted by: John Secl
"What’s in the food you eat?" Students in Mr. Secl’s sophomore Biology classes concluded a unit on biochemistry by identifying what organic macromolecules were present in an unknown food item. Students are shown here performing some of the tests...... view pics
11/18/2009 Submitted by: Kyle Kuhlers
"Future Business Leaders of America" Fall Leadership Conference ’09 was located in the beautiful city of Baltimore, Maryland...... read more
11/14/2009 Submitted by: Kyle Kuhlers
"Veterans Day Assembly" On Wednesday, November 11th at 1p.m. Alburnett 4th to 12th graders took time to honor our local veterans.  Approximately 20 local veterans were in attendance and recognized for their service, thank you to all our nations veterans! ..... view pics
11/05/2009 Submitted by:Amy Adams
"Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales" In a recent unit, AP Literature and Composition students reenacted parts Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales.  While meeting at the ..... read more
10/27/2009 Submitted by:Kyle Kuhlers
"Alex German selected FBLA Regional Vice-President Assistant" Alex German from Alburnett’s Future Business Leaders of America Chapter was appointed a Regional Vice-Presidents Assistant by the North Central Vice-President, Jilly Gokalgandhi from Warren Township High School in Illinois..... read more
10/24/2009 Submitted by:Kyle Kuhlers
"Students Learn about Credit" On Wednesday, October 21st Alice Hagerman from Linn Area Credit Union visited Mr. Kuhlers second hour Introduction to Business class.  Mrs. Hagerman talked to the class about .... read more
10/24/2009 Submitted by: Kyle Kuhlers
"Students learn about Solar Power" On Tuesday, October 20th Angela Wichtendahl from the Center for Environmental and Energy Education (CEEE) visited Alburnett to show FBLA students how to build solar cars, which the FBLA students will be... read more
10/22/2009 Submitted by: Vince Kube
Immigrant Interviews: As part of a unit on migration to the United States, 7th grade social studies students stepped into the shoes of a recent US immigrant... read more
10/22/2009 Submitted by: Linda Barschow
"The importance of taking the ACT" On Monday October 19 Britt Morey from ICAN spoke to our junior class.  Britt explained the post secondary choices that are available to students.  She discussed the importance of taking the ACT and that it can be taken again to improve scores.  She encouraged the juniors to take challenging classes during their junior and senior years as this will make the transition to college easier.  For college visits she suggested that students spend time on campus without the student ambassadors to see how it feels to them.  Students should be sure to visit campuses when classes are session.  She also explained the criteria that colleges use to admit students and that different financial packages are available to students.  Your student received a folder of information that they can share with you in helping them make future post secondary education choices.
10/20/2009 Submitted by: Kyle Kuhlers
"On October 18, 2009" Members of FBLA went to ASAC, Heart of Iowa facility, for community service.  There we cooked .. . read more
10/16/2009 Submitted by: Ms. Raudabaugh
Ms. Raudabaugh would like to thank the following students from her speech classes for videotaping interviews with teachers and students from K-12 about their views on the Character Counts pillar of Respect. They were also able to interview a wide variety of staff members from Mr. Harrold to Lunch Ladies to Teri Meiners (bus driver) and were even able to interview one of the men working on the construction crew at the school. The videotape of the interviews was shown at the Character Counts assembly for grades K-12 on Friday, October 16, 2009. Another huge thank you goes out to Ben Lahue for preparing and presenting the videotaped interviews at the assembly. Great job, group!!!
10/09/2009 Submitted by: LaRae Arment
"9th grade Life Skills" The 9th grade Life Skills class is starting a new project this year with the baby simulators. Each 9th grade student in this course will get... read more
10/08/2009 Submitted by: Deanna Hendrickson
"Map Testing" Were all done map testing for the Elem. Students. Now we’re off to a great start in the High School. Were wrapping up MAP Reading test right now and starting Math. Next will be Science and last Language. The kids are very motivated this Fall, trying to beat their last Spring scores. Keep up the good work.
10/07/2009 Submitted by: Matt Winter
"ECON Class: Business Sim 09!!!" The past couple weeks in Economics class the students were given the task of creating their own business to operate in this country’s free-enterprise system.  The new owners had many things to consider including:... read more
10/07/2009 Submitted by: Kyle Kuhlers
"Nuclear Power Plant visited" A representative, Mr. Glenn Pry, from the Duane Arnold Nuclear Power Plant visited Alburnett’s Introduction to Business class this past Wednesday, October 7th.  Mr. Pry talked about ... read more
10/05/2009 Submitted by: Kathy Geers
"The Pirate Press staff ’09-’10" This year’s Pirate Press is off to a great start. Jessica Miell has taken the leadership and initiative to take on the role of editor. Kelsey Saddoris, Marissa Griffin, and Autumn Moyer are contributing writers on her staff. Great jobs ladies! I’m looking forward to a great year!
10/04/2009 Submitted by: Linda Franck
"7th Graders Learn Study Skills that Last a Lifetime" During the first several weeks of 7th Grade English the students were introduced to a number of study skills that will help them for the rest of their lives... read more
10/04/2009 Submitted by: Kyle Kuhlers
"FBLA officers visit Pioneer World Headquarters in Johnston" On Sunday September 27 the Alburnett FBLA chapter officers attended the State Fall Leadership Conference in Des Moines... read more
10/03/2009 Submitted by: Vince Kube
Great Lakes Debate:  7th Grade Geography students took part in a debate on the state of the Great Lakes.  Students read about... read more
10/01/2009 Submitted by: Vince Kube
"As part of a unit on Note-Taking" 7th Grade Study Skills students used graphic organizers and outlines to put together... read more
09/29/2009 Submitted by: Dennis King
"Industrial Tech. 3 service projects" The Industrial Tech. 3 class step stool project.  The Tech. 3 class has taken upon themselves to do several service...read more
09/28/2009 Submitted by: Dan Pickar and Amy Adams
"Kernels Field Trip" On Wednesday, September 23, 2009, students from Mr. Pickar’s Intro to GPS, Ag Business, and Horticulture classes along with students from Ms. Adams’s Contemporary Novels class toured Perfect Game Field and met with employees of the Cedar Rapids Kernels organization. read more
09/27/2009 Submitted by: John Secl
"Alburnett Students Perform An Autopsy" Students in Mr. Secl’s Human Anatomy class, recently performed.. read more
09/23/2009 Submitted by: Lauralea Wander
"Congratulations to the Alburnett Students K-12" During the 2009 Alburnett Dance-A-Thon the Alburnett Students raised $10,600 for Children's Miracle Network. Last week during a KHAK radio promotion Jodi Reis presented... read more
09/22/2009 Submitted by: Kyle Kuhlers
"Alburnett Advisor-Advisee Groups Videos posted" Mr. Kuhlers and Mrs Wanders AAA groups created character counts videos last winter.  Iowa Character Counts has posted them on the Character Counts website at the link http://iowacharacter.ning.com/.  Also, the videos were posted on www.youtube.com as part of the Character Counts submition requirements last winter.  Special thanks to Dylan Miller, Alec Phillip, Grant Henderson, Becca Casconi, Hannah Stewart, Tayler Langhoff, Kaitlyn Boline, Forest Olinger, and the other students involved!
09/21/2009 Submitted by: Jeff Hau
"Settle or Strike!" The Tenth Grade American History students just completed a role playing simulation on collective bargaining.  The simulation was part... read more
09/17/2009 Submitted by: Kim Maakestad
"Planning Committee for 2010 Prom" The new planning committee for the 2010 prom this year is Amber Neagle, Hailey Gross, Briann Wieland, Alex German, Jill Sadler, Marissa Griffin, Mariah Jensen, Kylee Pyle, Alex Rickels, Jennifer Freeland, Kelsey Saddoris and Kayla Hanson. Thank you to this group for volunteering to help plan this year’s prom. The dance itself will be held at the Knight’s of Columbus Hall found just off of Highway 13 in Marion. Music will be provided by Rock ‘n Thunder DJ Services. Photography will be provided by Read Photography of Cedar Rapids. Once again Grand March will be held at the school for everyone to come and enjoy. The date for prom this year is April 24th , 2010. Feel free to contact Mrs. Maakestad with any questions.
09/14/2009 Submitted by: Linda Barschow
"Eastern Iowa College Fair" The Annual Eastern Iowa College Fair will be held at the Kirkwood Campus.  On September 23 our junior class will be attending the fair.  Representatives from a hundred different institutions will be there for our students to visit with them.  Please turn in your permissions sheets by Wed. Sept.16.  Parents are welcome to attend the fair, also.
09/10/2009 Submitted by: Dan Pickaar
"September 25th Blood Drive" The Alburnett FFA is sponsoring Community Blood Drive on Friday, September 25th, from 2pm-6pm in the High School Cafeteria in a partnership with the American Red Cross.  Community members, students and staff are welcome to donate... read more
09/10/2009 Submitted by: Linda Barschow
"Entrepreneur visits Alburnett class" Workplace Learning Connection representative Keith Endreson met with our junior class.  He explained the job shadows and group career exploration days they could be a part of through the Workplace Learning Connection.  Encourage your junior student to complete an application form to learn more about a variety of  workplaces.  Please turn in applications to Mrs. Barschow.  This is a great learning opportunity for them!  If you want to know more check their website on the Guidance link

Submitted by: Sundee Raudabaugh

"Speech Classes are Warming Up" Speech 1 students have been warming up for their first round of ... read more
09/09/2009 Submitted by: Kyle Kuhlers
"Entrepreneur visits Alburnett class" On Wednesday, September 9, Mr. Kuhlers Introduction to Business class had a visit from Brandon Yoder.  Mr. Yoder graduated from Linn-Mar in 2000 then went ... read more
09/08/2009 Submitted by: Kim Maakestad
"Costa Rica trip" Planning has begun for our Costa Rica trip this summer in the beginning of June. The 2010 trip will be much ... read more
09/05/2009 Submitted by: Kyle Kuhlers
"School Board Candidate Forum" Alburnett FBLA and FFA sponsored the first Meet-n-Greet School Board Forum... read more
09/04/2009 Submitted by: Jen Goedken
Kids in Ms. Wallace and Ms. Goedken's classes have been working on writing complete sentences so they drew pictures outside with sidewalk chalk and then wrote sentences to tell about them... Click here to view pictures
09/04/2009 Submitted by: Dan Pickar
"Recycling program" Here is some information about the recycling programs the teachers and students participate in at Alburnett CSD during....read more
09/02/2009 Submitted by: Kyle Kuhlers
"Clipper Classroom Visitor!" The Alburnett Introduction to Business class received a visit from Ms. Jackson the Plant Liason for the Clipper Turbine Works manufacturing plant in Cedar Rapids.  Ms. Jackson began her presentation...read more


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