Mr. Kuhlers seventh and eighth grade computer classes had the opportunity to tear computers apart and put them back together last week. This was a great hands on activity where the students got to feel computer memory, touch a computer fan, remove the power supply, and take out a motherboard! Awesome-special thanks to Mr Mike Givens for helping lead and coordinate. Also thanks to Randy Morrison, from Morrison Trucking for providing the computers to deassemble and reassemble! 
Remington McFadden, Emily Overly and Dalton Lawrence have thier hands inside the computer while Patrick Long is checking out the hard drive that was removed.

Joey Philipp and Bryce Paul check out the insides of the computer while Amanda Latham & Brieanna Moyer check out what they removed

Brandon Huff, DeLoss Liebe & Austin Hoyle checking out the laptop parts as they prepare to reassemble

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