School Board Candidate Forum
(Alburnett, Iowa)

Alburnett FBLA and FFA sponsored the first Meet-n-Greet School Board Forum.  FBLA President, Ellen Gardner and FFA President, Kaleb McBurney solicited questions for about two weeks from the community.  After gathering about 40 questions, they met to narrow the list down to approximately 10. Each candidate had an opportunity for an opening and closing statement, along with two minutes for each questions.  Ellen and Kaleb reminded people where to vote and the times the polling stations are open on September 8th.  The forum was advertised in the Linn County Newsletter for two weeks by FBLA Reporter Cortney Wood.  Every attendee was handed a sheet of paper to take notes if they chose to.   On the evening of the forum, September 3rd, we had several FBLA and FFA members help set-up, greet community members at the door, and help clean-up.  The goal of the forum was to educate the community about the school board candidates and some of their ideas.  The Alburnett School District has two open seats with three people running.  A community member commented after the forum, “ Thank you for FBLA and FFA sponsoring the school board debate last night!  It was wonderful to not have to rely on word of mouth but actually hear the responses. I think the students did an awesome job and it helps me so much to be a responsible voter for this important election.”  A special thank you to the candidates for agreeing to participate, we look forward to improving in the future.


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