The Alburnett Introduction to Business class received a visit from Ms. Jackson the Plant Liason for the Clipper Turbine Works manufacturing plant in Cedar Rapids.  Ms. Jackson began her presentation with a short video of how a turbine is put together.  She then presented the company history, the company marketing differentiation, the company’s revised marketing strategy and how that strategy has changed from 2006.  The Clipper turbine uses DC current when other turbines use AC current which provides better electronic controls and less power surges into the electrical grid and DC current allows the clipper turbine to operate with wind speeds ranging from 8mph to 55mph, which is a wider range than other turbines.  The Clipper Turbine is called The Liberty because it’s taller than the Statue of Liberty and can generate up to 2.5 MW of energy.  The Liberty turbine may cost more in the short-term but over the long-term the cost is lower and Ms. Jackson explained how this is possible.  At the end of the presentation students were able to ask questions, most of the questions focused on the future and expansion of the Clipper turbines, including off shore turbines.  Alburnett student Ryan Recker enjoyed learning about how Clipper Turbines are different than the other turbines in the market and student Mitch Harger was surprised to find out the cost of each turbine.  The Introduction to Business students took notes to prepare a summary of the presentation.  A very special thanks to Ms. Jackson for visiting the Alburnett School on Wednesday, September 2nd.

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