Here is some information about the recycling programs the teachers and students participate in at Alburnett CSD during the school year.
 Recycling Bags w/stands
  White Bag - White Paper- NHS, Contact Mrs. Wander when full or they have scheduled times for pickup
  Blue Bag - everything else that is a paper product -FFA, Contact Mr. Pickar or an FFA member for pickup
Cardboard- should be broken down and put by your door or wastebasket at the end of the day and janitors will pickup

BATTERIES/Cell Phones-  In the elementary have students take used batteries to the library, the battery basket is next to the cartridge basket.
Batteries at the High School, collect in rooms and have a student take to Ag. Room.  If you need a battery receptacle let me know I have some on hand.  Same as Old Cell Phones 
Conservation Class will once again discontinue unwanted magazines this spring. If you can, please save them in your room until I can clear/secure an area in the office, and my room to store them.
  Thank You for everyone’s efforts on recycling at the school.

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