Established on July 11, 1994, The Alburnett Community Historical Society is a non-profit organization which  now has a permanent center and developing museum in Alburnett, Iowa. Here we hold our monthly meetings, work sessions, open houses, selected community events, and conduct educational tours and seminars.  Besides displays and exhibits, we offer a professional and working archives and informational library, part of which contains precious old artifacts, books, diaries, maps, documents, records, photographs, Alburnett School yearbooks and photos, and other memorabilia.  This archives and library  holds vast potential for genealogical research, cooperative interlibrary  research with the various historical  societies developing in other nearby communities, historical  support for local school system, and growth of our materials collection and its effective storage in the future. We continue to acquire historical  materials and data both by purchase and donation, always striving    to make wise efforts for their preservation, cataloguing, housing, and patron usage.  In addition, we share a working partnership with the Alburnett School, hosting reunions, providing volunteer opportunities for staff and students, and supplementing local historical research.

The Alburnett Community Historical Society is governed by a set of elected by-laws.   Administration consists of an elected Board of Directors and four acting officers.  Committees are appointed, active, and report at the monthly membership meetings held on the second Thursday at 7:00 p.m.  The museum and archives are  located in the old Rockwood Store on Main Street in Alburnett, Iowa, which is owned by the Society.  It is open for visitors every Thursday from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm,  and during various  citywide  events.  Groups and individual visitors  can also schedule activities and visits with the Alburnett Community Historical Society by calling the group’s president at (319) 842-2382.

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