The Pirate Ship Playground Project

Established in July 0f 2009, The Pirate Ship Playground Project is working in conjunction with the Alburnett Community School District Foundation to enhance the Martin Complex with the addition of a new playground.  By working with the Foundation we are a non-profit organization and meet the 501 c3 guidelines.  Although we are working alongside the Foundation to enhance the complex, all money raised for each fund (Back the Track and Pirate Ship Playground) is raised and maintained separately from each other.
The ideal goal of the Alburnett Playground Project Crew is to raise $100,000 with plans to build a monumental 1,000+square foot Pirate Ship themed playground at the Martin Complex.  Plans for completion are during the summer of 2011 with hopes for a ribbon cutting ceremony sometime over the Children’s Benefit weekend in early August of that year.  Efforts are running a little slower than we originally envisioned, therefore we have made some adjustments to our plan to accommodate.  With that said, we are now revisiting our goal, timeline and are looking into a two to three phased build approach in addition reducing the size of our dream plans.
We are a small group of volunteer community members that strive to improve and enhance the community we live for our children.  We are currently (and will always be) looking for more volunteers to help in various capacities from fundraising efforts, to communications, to business soliciting, to construction.  If at any time you have questions or would like to donate time or money, please contact Lead Crew Member Dede Eschen at 842-2024.
The addition of a new playground at this size and capacity will bring in visitors to our community, young families, and potentially add new support to the Back the Track Campaign effort lead by the Foundation.
For more information about the playground visit: or become fan of the Alburnett Playground Project on Facebook.

Note: We have considered adding equipment to the schoolyard playground.  If we receive large amounts of money we will do so.  Our first goal/priority is to help enhance the Martin Complex for several reasons; it is a growing space in our community, it will be a complete new addition to Alburnett with a park for the city, we are able to utilize the Foundation’s 501 3c deductible status, and (this is the main reason) we are unable to receive large grants & corporate sponsorships for on-site school playgrounds.

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