District Overview

The Alburnett Community School District is located in Linn County. The district has one attendance center: Alburnett Community School in Alburnett, Iowa grades K-12.  Total enrollment for the district is 640  students. The district's central office is located in Alburnett, Iowa.

At Alburnett Community Schools, providing quality education is our top priority.  Highly dedicated instructors, and a supportive community combines to create an atmosphere for learning that has placed Alburnett among the top schools in the nation.

As a smaller school, the teachers at Alburnett not only get to know each student, but became acquainted with their families as well.  The faculty and staff at Alburnett share a common goal:  To help each student achieve his or her full potential.  Extra effort is the rule rather than the exception among our teachers.  Whether it be coming in early or staying late to work with a student, the teachers at Alburnett are dedicated to helping individuals reached their highest level of ability. 

At Alburnett, we believe education is a means of preparing students today for the challenges and opportunities ahead of them tomorrow.  We are very proud of the success of our students-over 70 percent of Alburnett students continue their education following graduation.  Our comprehensive curriculum offers strong college prep and vocational training programs to prepare students for entering the work force or continuing their training.

Participation in extracurricular activities results in higher achievement in school and a higher motivation to succeed.  Over 70 percent of the students at Alburnett are involved in extracurricular activities, and many are involved in more than one activity.  A variety of events and programs are offered, including drama, athletics, band, chorus, and vocational/agricultural programs. 

The involvement of the parents in their children's education is also an important element in successful learning experiences.  At Alburnett, parents are both welcome and encouraged to visit the classroom and become involved in their child's activities.  We have a very strong volunteer program and invite interested parents to participate as much as possible.  Several groups are available including PTO, Athletic Boosters, Music Parents, and Parent Volunteers.

Alburnett Offers:

  • Extended Learning Program for gifted elementary, junior and senior high school students

  • Special education classes for both elementary and secondary students

  • Special support classes in reading and speech development

  • National Honor Society

  • Guidance counselor

  • Elementary and Secondary Media Specialist

  • Half-time registered nurse
  • Low registration fees

  • Wide variety of extracurricular activities

  • ICN

  • College prep curriculum

  • Vocational training curriculum

Mission Statement

The Alburnett Community School District will provide educational opportunities which enable students to become confident, competent, and responsible contributors to society.

We believe that:

-every student has talent and it is our obligation to develop it.
-students are unique and learn at different rates.
-all students should receive equitable and challenging learning opportunities.
-every student has the right to a safe environment that promotes learning.
-people, property, and the environment deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.
-student success is based  on positive attitudes and relationships, enthusiasm, trust and communication.
-the school and community are partners in serving  the needs of the whole child.
-none of the above  is possible  without  cooperation from students, parents, community, administrators, and school personnel.

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